Awareness Generation

1. Awareness On Peace And Community Harmony

Since the inception of SGSV, it has focused on harmony among the society for their overall development. Time to time organization has organized community meeting with focus on community harmony. There were many conflicts occurred among the castes and families. Sometimes the situation becomes worse and heavy damage of life and property. Therefore the organization has organized 02 Meetings with the community and aware them to maintain peace and harmony so that all the community members – upper caste or Dalit live together with harmony.

2. Awareness Prpogram on Trafficking Issue

According to a recent survey, children and women are bought and sold with impunity and trafficked at will to other countries from different parts of India. These girls and women are sourced from Jehanabad, Arwal, Gaya, Kishanganj, Patna, Katihar, Purnea, Araria, Madhubani from Bihar. These women and girls are supplied to metro cities and also in other countries. They are forced to work as sex workers undergoing severe exploitation and abuse. These women are the most vulnerable group in contracting HIV infection. Due to unrelenting poverty and lack of unemployment opportunities there is an increase in the voluntary entry of women into sex work. Trafficking both for commercial sexual exploitation and for non-sex based exploitation is a transnational and complex challenge as it is an organized criminal activity, an extreme form of human rights violation and an issue of economic empowerment and social justice. The trafficking of women and children causes untold miseries as it violates the rights and dignity of the individual in several ways. It violates the individual's rights to life, dignity, security, privacy, health, education and redressal of grievances.

Major intervention area of SGVS i.e. Jehanabad and Arwal districts are highly trafficking prone area because of high level of poverty, lack of employment and low production in agriculture resulting migration of the people. This makes very fertile base for trafficking. The victims are trapped by the middleman and trafficked to major cities. Therefore, SGVS has organized ………. awareness meetings with the affected communities to aware them regarding the protection and prevention measures for trafficking.