Child Development

Rehabilitation of disabled persons:

During the working with the Dalit communities in Arwal and Jehanabad Districts of Bihar, it was seen that the disable persons are living with miserable situation. They live in circumstances of poverty, isolation and stigma. Their experiences have been exacerbated by the lack of services, facilities and vehement attitudinal barriers in all walks of their life. A very low percentage of People living with disability in the area have been receiving marginal amount of services.

Severe unemployment and the lack of economic activities are fundamental problems affecting the majority of disable persons and their families. There are substantial inequities in the levels of access to goods, facilities and services offered to disable persons in comparison to those offered to persons without disabilities. The majority of them are experiencing discrimination when they attempt to access goods, facilities and services. Service providers may simply refuse to provide a service, may offer a lower standard of service or a less favorable service to disabled persons. The majority of PwDs have very little hope of accessing independent housing.

Under these critical circumstances, SGSV has stated initiatives for the development and rehabilitation of disable persons in the area. Last year, SGVS had contacted an organization Mobility India in Kolkata and requested them to assist the organization for the rehabilitation of the disabled persons. The Mobility India came forward to provide assistance to these neglected people. After the initial survey, 103 disabled persons were identified. After identification, the donor organization came to take measurement for artificial legs and hands. During the year 89 disabled persons were benefited through artificial limbs, knee joints Aluminum uprights, plastic ankle joints, knee aligner, lateral bender and conical drill bit etc.