1. Awareness on Right to Information:

It was realized that the community people and the elected Panchayat Raj Institution members have very little or no awareness regarding RTI Act and they do not know how to get information from any Govt. Department by using RTI Act. Therefore SGSV has organized awareness sessions with the elected PRI members and other stakeholders on Right to Information. Under such awareness sessions, SGSV focused on the basic information regarding the RTI. It was explained them that everybody are paying taxes. Even a beggar on the street pays sales tax when he buys anything from the market. This money belongs to every Indians. But where does this money go? Why are there no medicines in the hospitals? Why are people dying of starvation? Why are the roads in such pathetic conditions? Why are the taps dry? Now we have a right to question governments. Under this Right to Information Act 2005 which the Parliament of India has passed empower citizens to question the government, inspect their files, take copies of government documents and also to inspect government works.

During the awareness sessions, they were also informed the whole process and shared the formats for asking any information from any Govt. Departments and Panchayat Heads using RTI Act. These information was very useful and appreciated by the participants.