1. AXSHYA Project Control of Tuberculosis (TB):

Project Axshya (meaning 'TB-Free') adds a new dimension to TB control. The project was supported by Bihar Voluntary Health Association, Patna. The main objective of the project is to reduce the mortality and morbidity due to T.B. below the public health significance through better diagnosis, appropriate treatment and community participation through voluntary agencies and PRI members.

Under this project awareness creation of the community and capacity building of the health service providers are the major activities. Following are the activities Conducted during the period:

Meeting with Goan Kalyan Samities: SGVS has organized 07 GKS meetings in Jehanabad District of Bihar. The main objective of the meetings was to create awareness of the various committees, women groups, self-help groups, village health and sanitation committees, Kisan groups, mother groups and other community level samities on the TB diseases and how to get free treatment from Government health centers. The purpose behind these activities are to create awareness of these committees so that they also can spread the awareness  regarding TB to other community members.

2. Vitamin ‘A’ distribution Program:

SGVS has conducted an intensive ‘Vitamin-A’ distribution program in the Musahar and Dalit communities of 3 blocks of Arwal Districts. The program was supported by Vitamin A Angels, USA.

It has been observed that the Musahar and other dalit communities are lacking of various micronutrient and vitamins. Vitamin A deficiency is the most common and acute. It is fact that Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and increases the risk of disease and death from severe infections. In pregnant women VAD causes night blindness and may increase the risk of maternal mortality. Research tell us that Vitamin A is crucial for maternal and child survival, supplying adequate vitamin A in high-risk areas can significantly reduce mortality. Conversely, its absence causes a needlessly high risk of disease and death.

Under this critical condition, organization has contacted with Vitamin-A Angel, USA to provide support for these communities regarding this vitamin deficiency diseases. They had provide support to SGVS in terms of supply of vitamin A medicines as preventive as well as curative measures for vitamin deficiency diseases. There were 2 kinds of vitamin-A capsules – 1,00,000 IU for up to 5 years children and 2,00,000 IU for 6 -13 years children. SGVS distributed more than 500 phials vitamin A capsules covering approximate 1200 childrens.

3. AIDS Control Program

Seasonal migration is a common phenomenon and high prevalence in the target area, where SGVS has been working. After working with these families and close interaction with the migrated labour communities it was realized that the migrant labours are at high risk as most of them were exposed to red light areas. They might be infected with HIV as they are not properly aware about the way of HIV transmission. When they come back to home, they may spread the infection to their wives also and infection may transmit from mother to child.

Under this crucial situation, the organization realized to spread awareness on the HIV/AIDS to prevent them to get infected. SGVS has organized village level awareness meetings on this issue and explained them regarding how to prevent HIV/AIDS in detail using IEC materials.

Observation of World AIDS Day is also very important activity of the organization. During the World AIDS Day, a rally was organized in the target area. A large number of children, adolescents, women and men were participated. The rally was moving village to Block head quarter and it converts a mass meeting. In that meeting, awareness was created by the organization personnel on HIV/AIDS through posters and leaflets.

Details of programs:

Sl. No.

Name of the program



No. of participants


HIV/AIDS awareness meeting


Vill. - Hardia 



HIV/AIDS awareness meeting


SGVS, Auditorium, Arwal



World AIDS day observation


SGVS, Auditorium, Arwal