Management Information System (MIS)

We have developed a sound management information system. Gradual improvement has been done in due course of time. Following are the significant component of MIS in organization.

  1. The meetings of General body and Governing body are maintained in minute books of the organization.
  2. Provision of monthly staff meeting has been made. Personnel meeting are presided by Chief Program Co-coordinator/Secretary. Personnel are supposed to share their progress report, concern and next month plan in monthly meeting. Chief PC along with other personnel develops master plan for next month action. Essential frame of required co-ordination during next month is prepared in such meetings. A brief progress report is work out for governing body in monthly meeting. Governing body gives essential direction in case it is required.
  3. There are provisions of report and documentation. Based on the objectives of particular programme, our experts develop formals & directions of narrative report. The programme personnel are oriented in the programme reporting. We generate three types of reports though our staff i.e. objective report, Narrative Report & Case study.
  4. We involve outside experts in programme/project evaluation work more often. We inculcate their suggestion & recommendation in our programme.
  5. Governing body at the end of every financial year develop annual plan and budget proposal based on Survey, PRA, Community meetings, suggestions from members of SGVS. The copy of such document is circulated among members. They are supposed to give valuable input of improvement. It General body meet it is approved.
  6. We follow standard accounting practices. Monthly statement of accounts is prepared by our Accounts Department. It is being discussed in governing body meeting. Our concern is supposed to submit monthly expenditure plan to our administration department. Secretary along with treasurer approves/disapproves the requisition. The person one who make expenditure is required to submit essential voucher/receipt to Administration Section.
  7. We practice compulsory annual audit our accounts from competent auditor.
  8. We practice compulsory annul of our accounts from competent auditor.
  9. Our PC along with experts develops annual activity r

Management & Governance

SGVS is governed by a rich constitution. As per constitution of the society, there is a General body and a governing body/Managerial Committee. General body has highest authority. It takes decisions pertaining to plan, budget, audit & Policy matters. It elects Governing body/Managing Committee for specified period i.e. 5 Years. All above said decision is taken in annual meeting of general body. Governing body looks after day-to-day affairs of society. President Secretary and treasurer becomes office bearer of the Governing body. All decision is taken democratically in the periodic meetings. Decision taken in governing body meeting is communicated to staffs during their monthly meeting. They are encouraged to bring ideas, suggestion and communicate it to governing body through secretary. Secretary becomes Chief Executive Officer of the society.