During the last one year, SGVS has been intensively working for the upliftment of the Dalit communities especially for Musahar community. Organization has adopted an integrated approach for the development of the communities. This integrated approach consists of awareness generation on different health related issues, make them aware regarding their rights, make them capable to fight for their rights, creating employment opportunities for the dalit communities, formation of groups for men and women and them unite for collective action, promotion and upgradation of local and traditional skills and handicrafts, promotion of village and khadi industries in the area, knowledge enhancement of the Panchayati Raj elected members for executing their rights and realization of their roles and responsibilities and many other related issues.

During the year 2011-12, SGVS has conducted number of activities and programs and followings were the major activities and programs:

1. Income Generation program through Khadi & Village Industries:

Sita Gramoudyog Vikas Sansthan (SGVS) has been implementing income generation activities for the rural women especially for the Musahar communities in Arwal district. Since last two decades, the organization has been engaged in the promotion of village and Khadi industries. Under this, the organization was registered under Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC). After registration in 1993, SGVS is conducting income generation program by promoting Khadi and village industries. Although this program was affected by time-to-time changes in Khadi policies of Govt. of Bihar and Govt. of India, but the organization has been successfully conducting the program and assisting the Dalit people by creating employment opportunities. Among many other Khadi items, the organization is engaged mainly on the production of Blanket (Kambal) and Cotton cloths (Chaadar). The production of Blanket and Cotton cloths are mainly done by the women from the Dalit communities. Organization has formed several SHGs to perform this activity. At present 60 Charkhas are producing woolen threads and 50 Charkhas are engaged for cotton thread production. Women who are engaged in production of threads have been paid as per their production. There are 3 looms to make blankets and cloths.
During the year 2011-12, approximate 800 ps blankets and 1100 ps cotton cloths (Chaadar) were produced by the organization and these were sold in various melas, outlets. An amount of Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 2.5 lakhs were earned by seeing of blankets and Chaadar.

110 women from Dalit communities have formed 10 SHGs and have got employment throughout the year. On an average a woman is earning about 500 – 700 rupees per month as per their production.

2. Sponsorship Program supported by Give India:

SGVS has been implementing sponsorship program for the children of Mushahar community since last 4 years. This sponsorship program has been supported by Give India. During working for these deprived communities, the organization has experienced their miserable condition and realized for the reasons for their backwardness. Along with their economic deprivation, the children from these communities are deprived from the school education. During the universalization of the primary education “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” these children were admitted in the school but nobody bothers they are attending the school or not. After through study by the organization and close interaction with these children and their parents it was felt that lack of school books, notebooks, stationery, school bags, uniforms are the major gaps for not attending the school. Other major problems for these children are most of them are engaged in some kind of labour work especially for the girl children. They are doing household work and grazing of cattle/goat. After realizing their problems, the organization approached the “Give India” to provide support to these children so that they could able to attend school regularly and became the part of the mainstream society.

Apart from the above problems for the children (both boys and girls) the women and old age people are also suffering many problems. Because of their poor economic condition, the old age people are living very miserable condition. Women are not getting any health facilities especially during their pregnancies. Maternal mortality and child mortality are very high in this region. Keeping in this in mind, the organization have provided support to them to get access the health facilities and safe delivery. Disabled persons are also supported under this program. Some of them are provided with tricycles.

Under the sponsorship program, the detailed activities along with the number of beneficiaries covered are listed below:

Name of Program

No. of Beneficiary

Providing Food, Clothing, Bedding and Cooking vessels to very poor women of the Mushahar Community.


Sponsor a Tricycle for a very poor Handicapped persons from Dalit Community


Care of an Expectant mother from a very poor Dalit family with no access of health services


One time support of Food, Clothing and Medicines assistance for an old age helpless poor person


Food, Clothing & Primary, Education for a very Poor Child of the Mushahar Community


Education & Health care support for a Poor Girl Child of a Mushahar Community


Sponsor the Primary education of a very poor village girl


3. Community Based Awareness Of Rehabilitation Person with Disability:

SGVS has been working in this issue since last 5 years and focused on the social integration of differently abled individuals and trying to the mainstream them in the society which ensure their physical and mental development and growth. It has been realized by the organization that differently able persons need special attentions so that they can avail and access their rights.

SGSV has conducted several meetings, individual contacts to the families and other community members to extend their cooperation and support to the person so that they could realize their rights and able to access their rights. Along with these interactions with communities, SGSV has linkages with different Govt. schemes related disable persons. Organization also helped them to get disability certificate from govt. by doing block level and district level advocacy and liaison with govt. department.

5. Disaster Management Program

SGVS has been implementing its most of the project activities in Jehanabad and Arwal districts of Bihar. It was observed that these two districts are drought prone and since last few years rainfall decreased resulting low production of agriculture. Therefore poverty level among the Dalit communities increases. People from Dalit Musahar communities are facing problem of 2 times food. Because of low rainfall, groundwater level decreased substantially and most of the handpumps are drying in the summer season. During summer, acute drinking water problem is exiting and people have to move long distance (more than 1 km) to collect drinking water.

Under this situation, SGSV has conducted 03 meetings with farmers and other community members to give the technical know-how about the agriculture procedure which is less water consuming. SGSV conducted meeting to introduce ‘SRI’ technique for paddy cultivation which require very less water irrigation and agriculture production is high. Along with paddy cultivation, they were trained for pulse and vegetable cultivation.

The area is also thunder prone and during rainy season, there were large number of people and cattle were died because of heavy thunder fall. Therefore SGSV create awareness among the community people regarding the ‘do’s and don’ts during the rainy season especially during thunder fall.