1. Art And Craft Promotion Program

In last one decade, SGVS has been engaged in art and craft promotion activities among the women and adolescent girls as well as among the traditional artisans. Organization has organized several awareness programs and training programs for the Dalit women and adolescent girls. Organization has organized a couple of training programs 15 days each for the adolescent girls for fabric painting and embroidering. Along with trade training, they were also trained to make their product suitable for selling in the market and as per the market demand.

Organization also encourages all the local artisans to improve their product as per the market demand. Under this program, organization focused on Khadi, handloom, terracotta, bamboo basket making and other traditional trades. SGSV has organized them in groups as per their trades and make them linkages with technical agencies, market, arrange loan facilities etc. to improve their income status.

2. Skill Upgradation in Terracotta craft and Handicraft Promotion:

This program was implemented by the assistance from the Handicraft Directorate of the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. The assistance has given under the Babasaheb Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojana. Objective of the program is to upgrade the skill for the rural Terracotta artisans. At present, these Terracotta artisans are not getting proper remuneration and they are facing considerable problems and difficulties to maintain their livelihood. During working with these artisans, it was felt that they are not getting enough remuneration as they are making only traditional terracotta statues, dolls and figurines of deities or play objects for rural consumption. It was also felt that regular hike of raw material cost, and difficult in marketing of these craft is also a big hurdle for them.

After realizing these constrains, SGVS addressed this issue with the support of Babasaheb Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojana, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India under this program, all the identified Terracotta artisans were organized in self help groups. Organization has formed 21 male SHGs and 13 women SHGs in Arwal and Kaler blocks of Arwal district.

Name of Block

Total SHG formed

SHGs for Men

SHGs for Women


18 SHGs

11 SHGs

07 SHGs


16 SHGs

10 SHGs

06 SHGs


34 SHGs

21 SHGs

13 SHGs

SGVS has organized several trainings for these SHGs in last 2 years regarding the functioning of SHGs. After continuous effort by the organization, now all the groups are doing savings regularly. In most of the SHGs, on an average, individual saving is rupees 30 per month. Most

of the SHGs are doing monthly / fortnightly meetings on regular basis. During their meetings, inter loaning among the group members are taking place to meet out financial needs to start income generation programs in Terracotta Craft. The reason behind to organize them into SGHs are as follows:

SGVS is going to organize a structured training program for these Terracotta artisans. Under this training the following topics will be covered