workshop / Seminar / Awareness Camp

1. Human Right

SGSV has implemented awareness meetings with the community especially with the Dalit and Musahar communities regarding their rights especially the fundamental rights. As the human rights are very basic and fundamental rights described by our constitution, but in the project area Dalit and Musahar communities are deprived of their rights. These rights are violated by influenced people, employer, police etc. During working with the Dalit communities, SGVS realized that these communities did not know their fundamental rights and human rights as well as they are ignorant how to safeguard their rights and process of redressal at the time violation of their rights.

Along with the awareness meetings with the community members, the organization did advocacy work at each level – Block level and District level for the human rights violence cases and bring the case to the notice of the District Administration.

2. Women Rights:

During the year 2011-12, SGVS conducted 8th Dec.’11 several village meetings to create awareness of the community regarding the women rights and the gender balance. During the meetings focus was

Capabilities: Eliminate gender disparities at all levels of education; strengthen post-primary education and training opportunities for women and girls; increase access to primary health care including sexual reproductive health services and HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for women, girls and youth.

Resources, opportunities and services: Enhance leadership, participation and representation of women at all levels of decision-making; and enable poor women and girls to achieve secure, sustainable livelihoods.

Human security: Reduce all forms of gender based violence, particularly against women and girls; and address the differential impact on and particular needs of women and girls in conflict and post conflict settings.